We are CrediFIX and we want to help you eliminate your financial stress.

CrediFIX Inc. is a full-service Debt Repayment Agency bonded and licensed by the Provincial Government, based in Calgary, providing credit counseling services to both individuals and families.

We are dedicated to educating consumers of their rights and responsibilities regarding their creditors, and providing options for debt relief.

Most people are unaware of their rights when it comes to debt so people dealing with financial difficulties often live in fear of the unknown. Add to this the constant stress of credit company letters along with harassing calls from the collection agency and the situation becomes toxic.

CrediFIX Inc. can change this unfortunate situation around.

We offer a free, confidential initial consultation, at which time we analyze your financial details, and offer solutions to your problems in a very clear, concise manner.

Take the first step to eliminating your financial debt right now because every day you wait is another day DEEPER in debt.


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